About Our Workshops

Workshops are a simple and easy way to TRAIN, EQUIP and ACTIVATE Believers to continue the ministry of Jesus. The atmosphere is more intimate and hands-on than a conference. The goal is to activate you "as you go" in your daily life.

Workshops We Offer

Marketplace Ministry

Title: Marketplace Ministry
Length: 1/2 Day 

Marketplace Ministry is a half-day workshop with two parts.

Part 1: Teaching. We discuss the various forms of evangelism with a focus on power evangelism. Power Evangelism is combining a basic Gospel message in simple terms with a demonstration of God's love and power through the ministry of the Holy Spirit in healing, words of knowledge or prophetic.

Part 2: Activation time. We hit the streets! You will be released with a small group on the streets or to a local mall or park to apply what you've just learned. We've seen many healed on the spot while on the streets and see people give their lives to Christ!

You will learn...

  • A simple yet effective 5-Step Model for Marketplace Ministry
  • A way of "conversational, not confrontational" evangelism
  • How to hear the Lord's voice more clearly
  • How to minister the Father's heart outside the four walls of the church
  • A simple and natural way to share God's heart and love with others

Whether you are new to evangelism, have a heart for evangelism or are an experienced evangelist, if you love Jesus and want others to experience His love, this workshop is for you!

Hearing God

Title: Hearing God
Length: 3 Hours

Part 1: Teaching.

Part 2: Activation time. The second half is an activation time with individual and group exercises designed to help you apply what you've learned and hear God's voice more clearly. Many have told us in this teaching, they've received their very first word from the Lord for themselves or someone else.

You will learn...

  • How you can better hear the Lord's voice for ourselves and others
  • 8 common ways God speaks to us
  • Identify the most common way(s) God speaks to you
  • The purpose and function of prophecy
  • Not all are Prophets, but all can prophesy
  • How to receive and deliver a prophetic word

If you want to hear the Lord's voice more clearly as well as learn how to capture God's heart for others and communicate it effectively, this workshop is for you!

Introduction to Creative Arts

Title: Introduction to Creative Arts
Length: A half-day
Cost: A modest cost is determined based on the supplies provided to you during the workshop.

Creative Art is a valuable and fun way to encourage others, share God's heart and bring glory to God!

You will learn...

  • To grow in hearing from God
  • Basics of the creative process
  • How to take original God-ideas from a thought to various forms of creative expression
  • Explore the arts of drawing, painting, writing, journaling, crafts, etc.

You don't have to love art to enjoy creative expression. No skills are necessary! Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, this workshop is a great outlet to express what God has put in your heart.

Recommended age- 9 years old & up.

Do What Jesus DID

Title: Do what Jesus DID!
Length: 2 hours

Part 1: Teaching. We will discuss the healing ministry of Jesus during His earthly ministry and how it was the primary way He demonstrated the Kingdom (the rule and reign) of God.

Part 2: Activation time. We will pray for those present who need healing.

Many have said the first time they have seen someone healed through their prayers was just after learning the material in this class!

You will learn...

  • The Biblical basis for healing
  • It's God's will to heal
  • How Jesus prayed for the sick
  • All Believers can heal the sick in Jesus' name
  • Healing is one primary way that God's rule and reign is demonstrated
  • How to pray effectively for the sick yourself

If you want to learn more about what the Bible says about healing, learn how to effectively minister healing to others, or need healing yourself, this workshop is for you!

You Come To Us

We host workshops that are open to all. Check our website and calendar for dates, times and location. 

We Come to You

If in the Metro Atlanta Area: We will come to you and provide the training. If you want to serve food or snacks/beverages we ask that you provide those or request attendees bring their own.

If outside the Metro Atlanta Area: We will come to you and provide the training. We ask that you cover our travel expenses and 1-night modest accommodation if the distance requires. If you want to serve food or snacks/beverages we ask that you provide those or request attendees bring their own.

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